TARI – quality seaweed

TARI – Faroe Seaweed produces high quality seaweed in the clean and nutrient rich seawater surrounding the Faroe Islands.

Based on many years of academic and practical experience with seaweeds we established TARI – Faroe Seaweed in 2016. We cultivate and hand pick different seaweed species, and process the high-quality raw material into finished products and ingredient products.

Our Ocean products (Ocean Wings, Ocean Spaghetti, Ocean Palm and Ocean Purple) are easy to use in everyday cooking, and we hope our products will reach many homes as a healthy taste enhancer alternative.

Research and development go hand in hand in TARI, and our primary goal is to produce high quality seaweed in a biologically sustainable manner.

We are a part of the EU funded SW-Grow project.
The project is sponsored by the Northern Periphery and Arctic Program (NPA)